Greeting of the President of Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, the Professor Anatoliy Morozov

Dear Friends
We welcome you to the site of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine!

The Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine is a public organization working throughout all Ukraine to unite the efforts of organizations and enterprises. We also seek to unite the efforts of the leading scientists, technologists, and other experts who work in the variours structures, regions, and branches of our economy. Our primary purpose is to promote the effective utilization of their intellectual, scientific, technological, and creative potential.
The idea for the creation of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine comes from a group of leading scientistand experts who accurately realized the need of consolidation. They have brought together the knowledge, experience, and efforts of scientific workers, engineers, technologists, and managers for safety and development of high technologies in Ukraine. This consolidation of social, economic, ecological, and other problem areas will also improve the national safety of Ukraine.
The emergence of Ukraine as an independent state required market transformations compatible with the new economic system. The old command-management system had to give way to the development of a highly scientific technological system. This was necessary because of modern manufacturing processes. Thus, the needed task was to intergrate new-world production methods new-world management.
The academy has, since 1991, worked to consolidate the intellectual, industrial, and technological potential of Ukraine. Our overall objective being the increased development of our countries social and economic power.
The stages in the formation of the academy, as well as its achivements, and its plans for the future are here presented. We have also attempted to set forth the contributions of the academy in its efforts to contribute to the augmentation and preservation of the technological sciences of Ukraine.
It is our fervent hope that this site will be useful to scientist, businesspersons, students, and the interested citizen. We are always open to cooperation and dialogue.

President of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and Professor,
Anatoliy Morozov